AGITPROP – Kalahari Surfers


  • tag as Foktronik
     The long awaited album of songs from the K.Surfers who’s last album just before the soccer World Cup saw them tour the UK with the African Soul Rebels tour.This is quite different in that it  harkens back to their early song and satire material. The first album they’ve done which really explores that connection the bridge between their political songwriting of the 80s and South Africa now.
    Genre wise,its always difficult with the Surfers but,I guess we are talking Folktronic which, I suppose  implies a certain lack of edgyness  which would be incorrect so I’d go for  ElektRetro or maybe taking the “L” out of Folktronic  . Sony after all did work with Die Antwoord before their big break under the name Bennie DeBruin so deserves the Foktronic tag. Every song smacks home a strong clear lyric of  “I-wish-I-had-written-that” magnitude. Go listen on their Bandcamp site for free. It is a dense work so you need two or three passes at it. Their are even 3 or 4 free downloads and while you are their check out the EP album recorded at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival which contains all new material too. Prolific output.
    Lester Gabang

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Ambush Street (free) 03:28
The State Banquet (free) (hidden) 03:12


This album has been an attempt to integrate my earlier more political songwriting work with my dub inspired electronica of the 90’s and 2000’s. Its taken me a little over a year to complete these songs, most of which were written on the train traveling to and from the city of Cape Town where I compose at Milestone Studios. Inspiration and feelings coming straight from the mess of governance that has been precipitated by the palace coup of the communist Trojan Horses within our democratically elected government.
We used to joke in the 80’s about Comrade Dollar ( a well moneyd “communist” with expensive tastes) only to see this emerging well beyond anyone’s imagination.
I feel great unease for the future when I read in the ruling parties online magazine phrases like:
“The Ideological Third Force”
“this anti-majoritarian agenda”
“expose the liberal offensive”
“Cadre deployment and redeployment”
terms which belong to another era …an era which I have eluded to with my choice of title and which I think we would do well to move away from.
Many of the tunes are personal vignettes from my book of dreams or life shaking experiences that have found their way into song of sorts which as in real life bump up against the political…but then everything is political
Warrick Sony“


released 01 May 2012
recorded and produced at Milestone Studios Cape Town South Africa* “Wings of a Stingray” was recorded live at
the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival
Babalazi 04:47
Vok Jou 04:34

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