Surfers with Ian Herman

Density Wave Theory – video:


  • .alp file comes with the album download – click to open , choose a location to work with it and and click OPEN

     This Pack fully exploits the newly added ability to map all 64 Ableton Push pads to the cells of a Drum Rack. Drum Racks can be used to create complete tracks entirely on theri own or as one element of a broader project.

alp file download for Ableton Live 9 and above -built with Abletons standard plugins and instruments – can be used with LAUNCHPAD , PUSH or standard DrumRack


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spinning jenny

spinning jenny


Titus Groan

very cool track from 1985 by Radio Rats incarnation “Titus Groan” original recording done at the Shifty Studio by Lloyd Ross this 2014 new mix by Warrick Sony


Kalahari Surfers – Tropical Barbie Hawaiian Surf Set – Retro Active Works from 1982-1989

Tropical Barbie Hawaiian Surf Set

Tropical Barbie Hawaiian Surf Set

Limited edition of 250 colored vinyl – Remastered for Vinyl – Compiled by Kalahari Surfers

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