Kalahari Surfers: Own Affairs (1984)

Own Affairs:  For the first time ever the early Recommended Records releases of the Kalahari Surfers’ vinyl albums have been mastered and packaged for download. These include all liner notes and added bonus songs etc in the album downloads .You can listen to complete songs in full quality  at this link:  Own Affairs It is the first of these releases. An historic album which captured the feeling of Apartheid Big Brother preoccupations and concerns of that time. It also began the  relationship between the Surfers and Chris Cutler of ReR.  Own Affairs was recorded in the  Shifty Mobile Studio  and was the first full length Kalahari Surfers album. Completed in summer of 1984 it was taken to EMI to press but rejected by the cutting engineer, Pietman Potgeiter, as being “political, pornographic and anti religious” . Chris took up the challenge and released the album through his label.

Below are some of the inserts and artwork that come with the  download.

collage from the LP insert

collage from the LP insert

special print for vinyl inner sleeve which in South Africa used to normally read "Home Taping is Killing Music and it's Illegal"



Five thirteen year old girls write and sing their own songs with extraordinary charm and sensitivity

album name

Time in Space

Unfound 03:56
Rescue Me 03:50
Songs recorded in 2004 when the girls were around 12 years old. They wrote all the material themselves and were edited and nudged along by Warrick Sony who was very inspired by “the Shaggs”
see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shaggs
released 04 November 2004
photographs by Mark Baldwin
recorded at Milestones Studios Cape Town



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