Release The Shale

warrick sony & barry van zyl

2 thoughts on “Release The Shale

  1. Howzit guys – good to see someone was recording me back at the Free People’s concert – “IAN FRASER aka: Anthony Gordon (for SADF anonymity purposes)
    Waiting (Ian Fraser) ” – however, the ‘real name’ you have for me is wrong. My real name is/was Brent Haupt, I vaguely remember an Anthony Gordon – but he wasn’t me :). (See Facebook – hopefully that’s the right URL to get to me. I’m now a US based author/playwright, and last time I checked I’m also on Wikipedia – as I started a whole career as playwright thereafter – I see there’s a pic there of me at one of the Free people’s concerts…

  2. ps. Lloyd Ross and Shifty released a whole cassette (remember those?) of my ‘ranting verse’ poetry – I forget what year that was…

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